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The College is proud that it has managed to stay open throughout the lockdown and continues to provide much needed support for our students and their families.


Although changes have had to be made to some aspects of the College provision, we have continued to offer a level of consistency and ensured that students remained positively engaged in activities.


In addition to adhering to the general hygiene, social distancing, wearing of face masks and other PPE measures put in place across all of Ludlow Street Healthcare’s services, the College has had to restrict external student outings and parental visits in line with government guidance.


In particular. it should be noted that any visits are subject to:

  • any local lockdown regulations
  • Public Health Wales 28-day visit restrictions which become mandatory if any of our service users or staff are tested positive


However, when these restrictions are not in force we do offer carefully controlled and risk-assessed visit opportunities and are expanding our external student outings to include more low-risk locations.


We will continue to adapt to meet the changing regulations and demands, but we would like to reassure everyone that we will always put the needs of our students and their families at the forefront of our planning.


​Life during lockdown has been very difficult for many people, including students and staff at the College.

All Wales People First recognised this and wanted to create a platform for the voices of those with additional needs to be heard.

They have recently published an article, highlighting the experiences of one of our students during lockdown.

Click  here to read Jack’s article.



Making and delivery Positivity Packs to the local community

Watch some of the projects we have set our students

See how visual communication techniques can help a student undertake an art project

Watch how to make a beautiful marble efect picture using paint and shaving foam

Make amazing art using a salad spinner!




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