We recognise that each student learns in their own unique way.  The Head of Education and team of qualified lecturers offer a wide range of teaching styles so that learning potential can be maximised to achieve a level of individual success.

This success comes in many forms through the delivery of accredited and non-accredited courses.  Vocational skills for life are taught through independent living, leisure activities, computing skills and creative opportunities.

The broad curriculum offered at Beechwood College ensures a fun and engaging learning environment where all students are encouraged to participate and reach their full potential.  We teach transferable skills that students will benefit from as they progress into future adulthood.

Within our adaptive curriculum, students have the opportunity to explore a variety of subject areas:

  • Essential Skills - literacy, numeracy, problem solving and ICT
  • Creative Arts - fine art, textiles, animation, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, drama and music
  • Skills for Life - independence, travel training, home management, financial skills and food preparation
  • Vocational Skills - team enterprise, horticulture, animal care, carpentry and work experience
  • Sport and Leisure - swimming, cycling, trampolining, horse riding, gym, Touch Trust and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
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