Education and Lifelong Learning

At Beechwood College we firmly believe that every young person has potential.  We aim to unlock this by delivering individual programmes of study that are based around a clear assessment of each student's primary needs.

Through the development of person-centred plans we deliver individual academic, leisure and therapy programmes and highlight areas of ability and need, as well as personal aims and aspirations.  This information is then used to form meaningful goals and realistic outcomes for the future.

Supporting students to identify and evaluate their own progress and achievements enables them to take ownership of their learning and make important choices about their futures.

At Beechwood College we use a multi-professional approach to teaching and learning.  We use a wide range of recognised programmes to support learning including aspects of TEACCH, PECS and Makaton, to name just a few.

Our meaningful, activity-based curriculum  is designed to help students develop key life skills, increase their confidence and self-belief and achieve positive outcomes across all areas of adult life.

Learning at Beechwood College takes place throughout the working day and within all areas; not just in the classroom.  Students are encouraged and supported to organise and participate in a variety of group and individual educational and recreational activities on and off site.

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