Learning Disability Services

Our learning disability services based at Pinetree Court in Cardiff are founded on the principles of Valuing People and facilitating rehabilitation through the Recovery Model.

Our goal for each individual is to support them on their journey to the greatest independence possible in the least restrictive environment, through step-down to community living - improving social integration and inclusion.

Our Recovery Model is about helping each individual to develop new skills, self-confidence, independence and self-esteem that not only helps them to get their life back but builds an enhanced life with meaning as a valued member of their own community, fulfilling their potential beyond their mental health problems or learning disability.

Services are based on a holistic approach to meet the psychological, social and physical health needs of our service users.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Teams are experienced and skilled in working with people with a learning disability and are able to provide approaches and interventions which reflect their specialist needs.

We are able to offer a unique model of seamless care when service users progress along a clinical care pathway from rehabilitation in patient services to 24 hours community care. We believe that our ability to provide continuity of clinical care increases the individuals’ chances of success as they step-down. Equally if individuals do de-stabilise we are able to offer treatment within our in-patient services.



Pinetree Hospital, Cardiff

A locked rehabilitation, learning disability service, providing specialist care for both men and women over the age of 18 in gender specific environments. Find out more

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