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Pinetree Hospital
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Located close to Cardiff city centre, Pinetree Hospital offers 28 beds split into single gender units and provides individually tailored assessment and treatment for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour and/or mental illness, who are in need of intensive treatment, therapy and active rehabilitation within a safe and therapeutic environment.

Our Patient Profile

Pinetree Hospital opened in 2008 to care for individuals who may be detained under the Mental Health Act and who meet the following criteria:

Adults aged 18-65 with a primary diagnosis of learning disabilities, who may also have:

  • A dual diagnosis of mental illness/personality disorder
  • Individuals that have Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivitiy Disorder (ADHD)
  • Individuals that have challenging behaviours
  • Individuals with forensic histories

Our Model of Care

At Pinetree Hospital, we reflect the Ludlow Street Healthcare believe that all those entrusted to our care are capable of progress and development and that positive change can be achieved for all.  We recognise how important quality of life is to a person's recovery and have created an environment which promotes rehabilitation and community integration.

Experienced in working with people with learning disabilities, our highly specialised multidisciplinary team has designed our care pathways around person-centred models of care, developed internally, called 'Building Better Lives' (BBL), as well as Positive Behavioural Support.

Building Better Lives 

Tailored to create positive measurable outcomes, our BBL programme looks at the whole person, rather than learning disability, and helps patients to develop the skills they need to move on to a more independent life.  A focus on five different themes enables every individual to engage in bespoke activity programmes, allowing them to actively contribute to their own care plans and ensuring they are working towards discharge from the very oustset:

  • "Looking After Me"
  • "Looking After Where I Live"
  • "Living Together"
  • "Working Together"
  • "The Community and Me"

Our Discharge Pathway

Using approaches and interventions which reflect each patients individual needs, our inhouse multidisciplinary team (MDT) plan for discharge from admission.  Using recovery focused and positive behavioural support, we provide a dedicated 20 week assessment, treatment and rehabilitation pathway.

Moving On

At Pinetree Hospital, our aim is to ensure every individual who comes through our doors develops the life skills and independence that will allow them to fulfil their potential boyond their mental health issues or learning disability - so that they may ultimately move on to community living.

We work in collaboration with commissioners, offering continuity of clinical care through the provision of step down and rehabilitation within our specialist residential service, Ocean Community Services.

With homes throughout South Wales and the South West, Ocean Community Services offers support to both men and women with mental health needs, learning disabilities and acquired brain injury, including those with forensic history.  Located in areas which encourage positive integration with local communities, our group homes cater for individuals at every stage of their journey, offering them a secure base, supportive relationships, social inclusion, empowerment and the development of coping strategies that promote progress and recovery.


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