Moving On

Beechwood College students are generally funded for 2 to 3 years based on education funding.  In a number of cases students have been able to continue their education funded entirely by other routes, such as Social or Continued Health Care.

Students do not have to leave our service or the area entirely to move on.  As a wider organisation we are able to offer a seamless transition to a placement within one of our specialist community homes, across South East Wales and the West Country. 

Each of our homes within Ocean Community Services (OCS)  are set within a local community, ensuring excellent opportunities to utilise a wide range of social, leisure and occupational activities.

The philosophy within OCS is to support young adults transition into an independent living environment.  Support is provided at a pace and level which is appropriate to need and aspirations.

Our dedicated residential staff and therapeutic care teams are fully trained, and have the required skills, knowledge and experience to assist the young people in preparing for the future.

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