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Caerau Manor
Newport 9

Caerau Manor is a large house which provides the space and living accommodation that often women with personality disorder may require.  Service users are encouraged to socialise and engage in communal activities, but space is also available for those who seek a more low stimulus environment or wish to engage in therapeutic activities.

Caerau Manor also offers an MDT model and has services from our own dedicated Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologists.  It is ideally located to promote recovery and independence as it is set within a short walking distance of the city centre of Newport with local shops, leisure and educational facilities, cafes, newsagents, GP practice and public transport are all within short walking distance.

The staff team at Caerau Manor are very cohesive, experienced and skilled and are able to support service users to generalise and build on their DBT skills.  Caerau Manor is able to support a limited number of service users with mobility issues by having an assisted bathroom and bedroom on the ground floor.

Caerau Manor accepts women from both medium, low secure and locked rehabilitation from within the NHS or private sectors as well as accepting referrals from those who may need to transfer from the community.  It has been very successful in supporting women with personality disorder to gain coping skills, reduce self-harm, gain insight into needs, compliance with medication and to develop family relationships and to step down to greater independence in supported living in the community.

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