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Cherry Tree House
Bristol 9

Cherry Tree Houses' model of care is a synthesis of positive behavioural support, sensory integration approaches and the recovery model.  We aspire to ensure that each client has a high quality of life as a valued member of their community above and beyond any diagnosis, learning disability or label that they may have been given.

Cherry Tree House enables excellent community access, presence and integration through utilising the facilities of its local community including specialist facilities such as Sensory Heaven, pet therapy, local shops, cafes, newsagents, GP practice, libraries, leisure centres and parks.

Cherry Tree House has a range of transport suitable for its clients and wherever possible we strive to ensure that those who are eligible for mobility have their own vehicles.

Cherry Tree House offers a person centred service and we work in partnership with our service users to offer choice, control and active participation in the service both now and in the future.  It has developed well established relationships with families, care co-ordinators, the local disability team and works in partnership with our own clinicians including psychiatrists, psychologists and positive behavioural specialists.

The environment at Cherry Tree House is an important one with service users having extremely large en-suite bedrooms, some of which do have small kitchens large enough for tables and chairs as well as sofas, giving a studio like feel.  This enables individuals who wish to have a low stimulus environment or wish to engage in hobbies and interests on their own more opportunity.

Service users engaging in community activities such as arts, crafts, games and cookery sessions are also able to have low stimulus opportunities, which is equally important.  In addition, we are able to provide individualised sensory diets.

Cherry Tree House has a warm, friendly and stable atmosphere that contributed to some clients finding greater independence in supported living, whilst others, because of the complexity of their need, will live at Cherry Tree for a longer period of time.

Cherry Blossom, adjacent to Cherry Tree House is a large bungalow which has two separate areas where individual service users have their own front door and independence.  It was specifically designed for individuals who can present considerable challenges to the environment.  It is also designed to meet the needs of clients who prefer low stimulus environments and independence for the majority of their time but may wish to socialise and take advantage of some of the engagement opportunities made available to them as and when required.

Cherry Tree House works in very close partnership with both our own clinicians and locality teams to ensure that all of these needs of our service users are met.

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