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Ty Brynteg
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Like our other services Ty Brynteg is based on the Recovery Model with high levels of relational security and strong multi-disciplinary team (MDT) working to underpin the individuals' journey to recovery.  For some clients their journeys have begun from medium secure services whilst others step down to Ty Brynteg from either low security or locked rehabilitation.

Set in a small town, in a quiet location, Ty Brynteg has excellent access to local amenities including work opportunities, shops, libraries and cafes within the town of Porth, whilst more facilities are found a short distance away in the larger town of Pontypridd.

Ty Brynteg has been recognised for the excellent work that it does with men who in the past have found it all too easy to move through greater levels of security but have found it increasingly difficult to make the transition to step down to community living.

In particular, Ty Brynteg has supported clients to gain paid employment and qualifications, develop their relationships, access continued therapy and to finally move onto greater independence with the least restrictions possible.  Some clients have successfully moved to their own homes with minimal support from community teams, whilst others have moved forward to other types of supported living.

Ty Brynteg has proved a turning point for many of its clients in preventing revolving door admissions and reversing a pattern of repeated community breakdowns.

At Ty Brynteg we are able to offer continuity of care for individuals stepping down from our own hospitals or provide MDT support to clients transferring from other services.  This is critical to be able to address therapeutic, psychiatric and psychological needs speedily with cohesive MDT working within Ty Brynteg itself.

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