Ocean Community Services - Bob's Journey

Bob has a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome; this affects his comprehension of social boundaries and acceptable behaviour.

Bob has a significant history of high risk behaviour, including fire setting, joy riding and physical aggression, along with issues of substance misuse.

Bob was in frequent contact with the police and the criminal justice system, leading to prison and then a transfer into a secure hospital environment when his mental health deteriorated and he was sectioned.

Whilst in the hospital Bob began to engage with therapies, starting with the process of addressing the issues which had led to his situation and what would enable him to move forward.

Bob moved into an Ocean Community Services (OCS) home and initially it was a struggle for him to adjust to his new environment. He frequently pushed the boundaries, but the support and multidisciplinary team did not give up on him. Gradually, Bob began to settle and engage with those supporting him, in particular psychology teams, which enabled him to complete his course of treatment.

The support team worked with Bob to focus on his goals of maintaining good mental and general well-being and to find employment.

A challenge for Bob was to manage his own daily living and self-care.  The OCS support team, along with occupational therapy from the in-house multidisciplinary team worked with Bob to devise an activity planner which broke down each task into small manageable steps that he could understand.

Getting a job was a very important goal for Bob and in order to achieve this he wanted to get his driving licence back.  This was difficult considering his history, however the support team liaised with the DVLA and were able to make supporting statements which meant that his application was successful.  This process was lengthy and caused Bob some anxiety, but the team were able to support him through this.  Bob was able to get his vehicle and worked toward gaining his HGV licence, which he did successfully, and in turn enabled him to find paid employment.

Bob now lives in his own home, is drug and alcohol free and has started a family of his own.

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