Our Beliefs

We are a different kind of healthcare company.  We started small and specialised and we aim to stay that way, so that we never dilute the quality of our service.

At Ludlow Street Healthcare we all passionately believe that everyone in our care deserves to be treated with dignity and honesty.  Our mission is to help improve the lives of our clients, by giving them skills and levels of understanding to help them along a journey to a more independent life.  We must continue to deliver continuous improvement if we are to achieve these aims.

A client's rehabilitation and quality of life can be greatly improved in so many ways including the quality, cleanliness and tidiness of their environment; how they are spoken to and treated every day; what their food is like and is it nutritious; whether they get to go out or enjoy some of their favourite pastimes; whether they are listened to if they have a complaint or a problem - all of these factors contribute to their sense of wellbeing and self-esteem, something that very often lies at the heart of their problems or frustrations.

Our role as one team at Ludlow Street Healthcare is to find a way of improving every individual's life, even if it's in a small way - and we can all contribute to that. 

We believe that we are doing work that is tremendously worthwhile and we rely on everyone in the team to make their own contribution everyday to ensure that we attain the highest level of care and treatment for all individuals in our service.


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