St Peter's Hospital - Raymond's Journey

Raymond, a 70 year old gentleman who was referred to St. Peter’s Hospital, in need of rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury.

His injury had resulted in significant impairment of his cognitive function associated with paranoia and disturbed behaviours which included impulsive and unpredictable outbursts of aggression towards others. 

At the time of referral it was not possible to safely engage Raymond in any active rehabilitation and he was therefore being nursed in bed with high levels of staff support.

Since his transfer to St. Peter’s Hospital Raymond’s mental state was optimised with the use of psychotropic medication. Furthermore a positive behaviour support plan was completed and implemented by the staff team. 

Outcomes achieved:

  • reductions in Raymond’s levels of agitation 
  • positive response to the specialist environment at St. Peter’s Hospital meant his 
  • level of disability was significantly reduced
  • benefitted from an intensive programme of physiotherapy which took the form of land based therapies (onsite at St. Peter’s Hospital) and swimming and hydrotherapy
  • improve his strength in both his legs as well as his core strength which then allowed him to mobilise more safely
  • able to mobilise with the use of a zimmer frame and was also able to mobilise short distances without the use of a walking aid


Due to the significant improvements made by Raymond over the period of his 16 week rehabilitation at St. Peter’s Hospital he was able to transition back to his home. His care package at home was informed by his comprehensive assessment and his behaviour support plan was adapted to meet life at home

Throughout Raymond’s admission to St. Peter’s Hospital his family have been actively involved in his rehabilitation and this allowed for Raymond to be involved in implementing his behaviour support plan, allowing for a successful transition back to their home.


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