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Taking a neurobehavioural approach we are experienced in psychological assessment and behavioural analysis to formulate positive behavioural management plans to support successful transitional rehabilitation of the individuals in our service.

Our model of care enables us to draw upon a wide range of interventions, from environmental changes to medication, or person-centred support plans and specialised diets.  At St Peter’s Hospital our focus is on reducing distress, maintaining personhood and improving quality of life.  Promoting connection is at the heart of our approach to psychosocial intervention – connection with other people; connections with a sense of self through memories and familiar occupation, and connection with the surrounding environment.

On arrival all our patients undergo a 16-week assessment which then helps formulate clear and time-focused care and transition plans.

In addition, our transitional rehabilitation service includes training for new providers, families and locality teams to share an increased understanding of the individuals’ needs and care plans, in order to support successful onward placement.

We also offer longer term rehabilitation for those individuals who may require lengthier support or whose condition is likely to deteriorate further.


St. Peter's Treatment & Assessment Pathway

Our sixteen-week assessment

We provide a comprehensive sixteen-week multidisciplinary assessment for the transitional rehabilitation of individuals with complex organic conditions, including significant mental and physical health needs and challenging behaviours.

At the end of the sixteen-week assessment period, our assessment findings are translated into clear recommendations for the individual’s future care.  Our assessment is focused on achieving positive outcomes for the individuals, their families and the commissioners of the service.  During the assessment period, care and positive behavioural management plans can be tested for their efficacy and adapted as necessary for successful discharge and move on.

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At St Peter’s our focus is on reducing distress, maintaining personhood and improving quality of life.

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