The Campus

The College offers both indoor and outdoor activities, increasing the sense of community and safety for all our students.  The main College buildings are clustered around an internal garden courtyard and house both the living accommodation and specialist classrooms.

We use our whole campus as an active learning environment with specialist classrooms.

The campus grounds are home to:

  • Art Room
  • Horticulture Centre
  • Ceramics Studio
  • Care Farm
  • Vocational Centre
  • Carpentry Workshop

The safety and security of our students is a primary concern

Students are able to walk freely within their residential home, but may require staff supervision and support to facilitate their independence and manage their vulnerability around the rest of the campus.

Those students who demonstrate the appropriate skills are provided with an electronic door key fob that increases their independence, decision-making and mobility.

Students are not permitted to leave the College grounds without permission.  These decisions are made based on individuals needs and risk.

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